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How does LGVA work?

Written by Founder, Novalis YAO)

As a way to spread the word about proper care and treatment of animals, we developed “LGVA-(Let’s Give a Value to Animals)” Humane Education Program.

Children can:

  • Learn more about the five basic needs of animals,
  • Give their opinion on the treatment of animals in Africa,
  • Make suggestions for improving the plight of animals in Africa,
  • And more.

School Visits

For every child who gets a chance to participate in this program, it is our hope that they properly receive the message about loving and respecting every living being as our ancestors did!

secret friend of animals club

Within the club children have fun while learning about animals through drawings, game, plays, etc.

Club’s materials and activities empower children to become ambassadors for animals and animal welfare issues in their home, their school, and their community.

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