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Donkeys of Cote d’Ivoire Project

Written by Founder, Novalis YAO)

Our goal with this project is to raise awareness about donkeys and the challenges they have to face daily in Cote d’Ivoire.

We found out based on an exploratory mission in Niakara north region of Cote d’Ivoire that:

  • Very little is known about donkeys and their skin trade,
  • The government has no data about the population of donkeys in Cote d’Ivoire,
  • Donkeys are also considered to be aggressive by some people of the region,
  • Some people think they are useless because of the tricycles that are widely used nowadays.

So we decided thanks to the support of The Donkey Sanctuary (TDS) to investigate further.

We visited Ferkessedougou

In Ferkessedougou city we found out that some donkeys live in a
– very unhealthy environment!
– The cart is not well maintained.

We visited Ouangolo

In Ouangolo city we found out that donkeys live in a
– better environment than Ferkessedougou!
-but the carts are not well maintained either.

“Thank you to all who have contributed in this great work”

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