… As Africans, we do not always have a full understanding of what represent fauna and flora. Today your program will help change mentalities and give a lot of knowledge to the children … It is with regret that I let you go.

– Mr N’dri Leon – Director of the school Group Peniel in Abidjan

What we do?

Donkeys of Cote d’Ivoire Project

Written by Founder, Novalis YAO)

Our goal with this project is to raise awareness about donkeys and the challenges they have to face daily in Cote d’Ivoire.

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What we do?

How does LGVA work?

We visit local schools in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and we show to the children an educational movie on animal welfare …


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It is no longer a secret, Ivory Coast will host the next African Cup of Nations in January 2024. This is therefore a good opportunity to share with you this very interesting story which I witnessed in 1999 while I was an intern at the Abidjan National Zoo.
In fact, there are very few reports of a forest elephant being born in captivity.
However, the Abidjan National Zoological Park had the opportunity to witness this unique event in the world twice in 1988 and 1992 with the births of Koni and Can respectively.

Coincidence or good luck?  Can was born on the day of the victory of the Ivorian team also called “Les Éléphants” during the African Cup of Nations (CAN) edition 92, hence the origin of its name.

Which means Can is 31 this year.

Happy World Animal Day 2023 to all animal lovers!

Mr. Novalis Yao, World Animal Day Ambassador.

Ivory Coast

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